Friday, January 05, 2007

Training with MALC

Training with MALC
Training with MALC,
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I am off to training with the Mexican-American Legislative Council. This is organized by Adrianna Bernal.

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Anonymous said...

Hello, Shaine,

Well, your big adventure is about to begin, and I mean that in a positive sense. I look forward to reading how your perspectives change as the session goes on, when your legislation advances, and when your legislation is killed. No one gets everything they want, so don't get dismayed when some measures don't get too far. You will have other victories to make up those disappointments.

Of particular interest down here, I believe, is what the Mexican American Legislative Caucus does this session. Perhaps you and Aaron can place links to their websites. Many people don't even know that such an important alliance exists.

Perhaps you can report, from your persectives, on the meetings of the MALC. No one else in the Capitol press corps seems to care at all about that organization (don't take my word, see if you can find more than a handful of news stories about them). You will do a lot of your constituents a favor by illuminating the existence of this group.

Sorry you had to rough it at an RV park, but good for you that you are about to get settled into an apartment. Remember my advice: Whenever constituents come to visit you in Austin, take all of them to the swanky receptions that will fill the Capitol calendars for the first 90 days. You don't have to promise anything to the (usually rich) groups that sponsor those receptions, and your constituents will love you for a great time at no cost.

Thanks for sending me your e-mails.

David A. Diaz