Friday, January 05, 2007

A Beautiful Day

A Beautiful Day
A Beautiful Day,
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I think it was a beautiful day today based on the sunlight coming through the skylight of the Capitol Extension. When I first visited the Capitol, I was under the impression that it consisted of the rotunda and the Senate and House wings. I did not realize that there is a huge underground campus connected to the Capitol. Now that I work there, it's amazing that there is an entire underground community where I spend my hours. Just like my days at UT-Austin, there is no need to leave the campus.

James tells me that when he started working there, there were three Reps per office in the Capitol. This was before the extension. People were almost climbing over each other to get in and out of their offices. During training today, we were informed that parking used to be another mess. Not only that, if it weren't for MALC, we would not even receive training. We would have to figure things out on our own using the sink or swim method.

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