Thursday, January 04, 2007

Settling in

Settling in
Settling in,
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Tonight, I have the good fortune to sleep in a bed. Camping out in a tent is fun, but is inadequate for the daily grind. For one, being in the dark limits your hours of productivity. All I could do was listen to podcasts on my phone. Also, it rained last night. I was nice and dry in the tent; but the water made such a racket. I kept waking up.

The place where I'm staying has wireless internet, so I was able to change the necessary settings to blog to session 80 directly from my phone.

In other news, I went to the Jim Pitts and Brian McCall press conference today with James. We got to see everything in person. There was a lot more press present than at the last announcement. James pointed out who all the press that are pertenant to Mr. Peña's office are so that I recognize them should I bump into them at some point. What did I gain from the Press Conference? I don't know, what did you gain? Both sides have certain victory.

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Vince said...


Rep. Pena is lucky to have you, man! For NO member of the legislature would I sleep in a tent while navigating the Austin housing market. Not even "The Rep!" LOL