Thursday, January 18, 2007

Session 80 Audio

Direct audio reports by Shaine Mata. Who has time to read a blog entry? Just click and listen.

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Shaine Mata said...

That is a possibility. It all really depends on how comfortable people are with recordings. Bloggers aren't taken as seriously as mainstream press.

My biggest problem is the ethical one. I can get away with posting from my phone while walking around the capitol or sitting at a meeting because I do this on time that is otherwise wasted. However, to deliberately take time off just to conduct interviews looks bad and probably has ethical issues involved.

One of the things that we went over in ethics training was that we can do things that are perfectly legal, but look bad. It's better to avoid getting to that point. So, I have to conduct myself ethically and avoid even the appearance of impropriety.

If I do these things after business hours, then I have to deal with finding people after hours for an interview.

In other words, it's doable, but with limitations.