Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Jurisprudence Committee

After work, we took a trip down to the House Committees offices on the E2 level. Our Chief of Staff James, who has had experience setting up committees thought that Alex, our MALC intern, and I would benefit from knowing our way around the Committee Offices. Well, the office has been vacated by the former Chairman and his staff. We checked out what was left behind to get an idea what we need to do to prepare for the work ahead. I think we're off to a good start. The only thing we need to customize is the letterhead. Other than that, everything necessary to run a committee is there, except the people. We'll address that shortly.
Personally, I know that working for a Rep. is supposed to be a lot of work. I would not know one way or the other with this being my first session. Working for a Chairman should be a LOT MORE work, which I look forward to doing. I would like to, if given the opportunity, to work at the office of Criminal Jurisprudence whenever the opportunity comes up. I think both experiences as a Legislative Aide and as a committee staffer would be great. I love opportunities to stretch my abilities and capacity. I like the feeling of looking back and thinking, "damn, did I do that?" This goes back to the days when I worked in the fields with my parents. It just amazes you that you can work your way from one end of the field of backbreaking labor to the other. Mexicans call it, "puro lomo". My Chinese friend calls it, "chingaism". He speaks spanish, so ask your Mexican friends to explain it.

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