Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I made it.

I made it.
I made it.,
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Yes, I made it walking to work this morning. There was not a lot of traffic. The roads and sidewalks were icy. On my way, I thought I would stop at a Whataburger for a taco and a coffee. It was closed! There were a couple of guys standing at the door, but it was locked.

I just kept going. It was cold, but not too bad. Once I saw I-35 up ahead, I knew I'd made it. My wife called and I chatted with her. That's when I stopped paying attention and hit an icy patch on the corner. There is no dignified way for a grown man to fall. Lucky for me, I packed a change of clothes in my bag. I landed on that and my elbow. I lost a little skin.

I got up and picked up the pieces of my phone on the ground. Surprisingly, my wife was still chatting. So I slowly made my way across I-35 over the bridge. There were news vans parked on the bridge filming traffic. I guess they are expecting some wrecks today. The whole bridge was iced over. I got down to the Frank Erwin Special Events Center when I realized that I'd dropped my keys when I fell. So, I had to walk back to the site of my shameful fall. I carefully made my way across the icy bridge again and saw my keys lying there on the corner. After making sure no cars were coming, I walked over and grabbed my keys. I was so happy that I stopped paying attention again and slipped on the other corner as I stepped on the bridge. That was so funny. This time, I did not land on my bag, but the concrete was curved. Somehow it softened the fall.

Here I am now at the capitol with two sore elbows and a story to tell. I'm going to change into my froofy clothes and shoes. It seems most of the Capitol is running late. I know my van was iced up this morning. Even the door handle was frozen. The ice crust was what convinced me I should walk this morning. I am now going to enjoy a hot cup of coffee.

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