Monday, January 08, 2007

It Still Amazes Me

It Still Amazes Me
It Still Amazes Me,
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I went out for a walk down Congress tonight to see if I could find any dead birds (just kidding). I went to see if I could find any affordable places to eat or maybe run into a blogger or two. I had no luck on either task. I'm just going to have to hit HEB on the way home. It's cheaper to buy healthy food there than at restaurants. I can't figure out why healthy costs more when you dine out. Watch me run into a blogger at HEB.

As mentioned in the audio post, I have to start early tomorrow. As I approach the Capitol, it still amazes me that I have unlimited access to the place. As a kid, I used to go down to the Capitol to hang out in Madison, Wisconsin. I would just walk around for hours. Now here I am working in one. Wow.

People tell me that I have a hand in shaping the lives of people and that I wield all kinds of insane power and influence. Even here, I don't see it. I get more satisfaction from helping the lady from housekeeping empty our trash. It helps her and she appreciates it. Relationships carry more weight with me than abstract concepts. Perhaps I'll get brainwashed in the process and start believing during session. It begins tomorrow. Good luck to all.

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