Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Where I have been

I'm not sure I should apologize for not posting to this blog lately. After all, it's my blog; and no guarantees are implied regarding the frequency of updating. I can't, however, escape the feeling that I ought to do some explaining about why I have not posted here more regularly.

The short answer is that Google Buzz came out. That is the best I can do. Lately, my attention has been focused on Google Buzz, which serves as both a status update and a blog of sorts. It seems redundant to write a post there and then another post here on my blog.

The major difference is that I can post to Buzz from my Android phone much easier than I can post here through the same. For some reason, my Wordpress installation will not accept xmlrpc of any sort, rendering mobile posts impossible. Even third-party websites like Posterous can't dump stuff here.

Posting content from my phone seems to be the easiest thing to do for now. It's murder for my battery, though.

So, given that I have to be at a computer to post to this blog, it just isn't happening with my current work load.


to keep up with the latest, you are better off following me on my Google Buzz page. My blog posts should be re-posted there too.

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