Thursday, January 04, 2007

2nd Day at the Capitol

It has been an interesting experience thus far. I spent the first two nights in a tent at an RV park in Austin. It was cold. I got a great deal on a sleeping bag that's good down to 20 degrees. I was warm at night, but climbing out of the warm bag took some commitment.

I finally got a place to live this morning. I was lucky that I was the first caller on an ad. The room is just a few miles up on MLK. I'll have to check the bus schedule to figure out if the bus is an option.

Maricela came up from the district office to help me learn some stuff prior to the session. She has worked a session already and is willing to teach me the ropes.

Things are interesting with the whole Speaker's race debate. I even got an anonymous comment, which is not posted asking if I know how Rep. Peña will vote. I'm not in a position to say what is on the Rep's mind. Lucky for me, he has his own blog. I hope readers can understand that if I participate in the politics in Austin, I better have another source of income. From the outside, it seems that politics is inextricable from government. From my vantage point, there are clear and distinct rules I must follow to keep both separate.

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