Monday, January 29, 2007

Reps. Lucio, Peña, and Guillen

Reps. Lucio, Peña, and Guillen
Reps. Lucio, Peña, and Guillen,
originally uploaded by shainelee.
I had an opportunity to capture all three Representatives during a casual encounter. It would be nice to include other Rio Grande Valley Reps, but it's tough to get them all together at the same time when they're not on the floor. I hope other opportunities present themselves when everybody is not in a rush to go somewhere.

In any case, this photo is somewhat representative of the lower Rio Grande Valley. Rep. Lucio represents some of Cameron County. Rep. Peña represents most of Hidalgo County (in terms of physical area), and Rep. Guillen represents Starr County and other areas up to a portion of Laredo.

Missing here are Reps. Oliveira, Martinez, Gonzalez, Flores, and others in neighboring districts. If I can get any combination of RGV Reps together, I'll be sure to take a snapshot for historical purposes. I'm sure I'll have pics with different combinations of Reps.

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