Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Doctor, Doctor

I was just setting up my bed with real bedding. I've been sleeping in a sleeping bag on the bed since I moved in. This is the same sleeping bag I used when I stayed in a tent while looking for an apartment in Austin. During my trip home this past weekend, I brought a couple of sets for the bed. Getting to the point, I bumped my elbow and felt the sharp pain that I've had since last Tuesday when I fell on the ice.

Yesterday, I went to the Doctor of the Day at the Capitol for some help. During the legislative session, there is a nurse practitioner and a Doctor of the Day to help deal with the more common maladies and injuries for the staff. They make it difficult to miss a day of work that way. You can't call in sick because there is a doctor who can write you a prescription free of charge on the job site. After some twisting and bending of my arm, it's unlikely that I broke anything. We could feel something abnormal, so the doc prescribed high quantities of ibuprofen to reduce swelling more than releive pain. She thinks I may have damaged a ligament. Other than that, there is not much that can be done except take pills and wait.

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