Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The President's State of the Union

The President's State of the Union I got the opportunity to catch the President's State of the Union Speech at UT tonight. One of the MALC interns, Laura, invited me to join her at a class event for her Media Effects in Politics class by Prof. Talia Stroud. I even took a quiz on what we think the President will mention during the speech.

We left a reception, after eating of course, to come to the event. We did not know there would be pizza and drinks, the staples of a college diet.

It turns out that there was a reporter and a photographer from The Daily Texan, the campus newspaper, covering the event.

On some level, it's fascinating that the class is about the media and politics, and it's being covered by media (and a blogger) about a political event. Only in Austin.

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