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Boost Mobile's Jaw Drop Ad and a Criticism of Their Marketing

I enjoy Boost Mobile's humor in their ads. They aren't stuffy in their approach to selling mobile service, which is a great bargain.

I've been a subscriber to Boost for some time, already enjoying my first $5 off per month with their shrinkage offer. Every 6 on-time payments knocks $5 off your monthly rate, to a minimum of $35/month, or as in the case of the advertised special offer, $30/month. If you go with a Blackberry or Android handset, add $5 to your rate plan; but, it's generally the same offer.

A couple of Authorized Boost Mobile dealers are my clients, so I asked. There are three handsets that qualify for the offer. They are the old CDMA phones, which offer unlimited Internet, but at 2G speed. The other handsets, mostly Android and Blackberry, get 3G speeds; but, they do not fall under the offer. In fact, Android and Blackberry handsets add $5 to your monthly rate, the complete opposite.

My criticism of Boost Mobile is that they dance around the main value proposition they offer, that they reward loyalty. When I worked customer service for another mobile company, one of the main complaints from long-time clients was that only new customers get the great offers. They get locked in to a 2-year contract and are forgotten.

Boost Mobile, when you look at their Shrinkage offer, rewards you for being a long-time customer. It's the new customers who pay full freight. The long-time customers get the best deal. Every other mobile carrier sweet talks you with a great introductory offer, then they raise the price on you for your loyalty.

Boost's focus is on the final rate you'll pay rather than on the reward for loyalty. In monthly subscriptions, loyalty is what keeps you in business. Loyalty has more emotional meaning than $30/$35 per month.