Monday, January 15, 2007

It's going to be cold

Temperatures are going to be below freezing tonight and tomorrow. The Governor's Inaugural Parade was cancelled. I can deal with that. What causes problems for me is that parking assignments will be waived. That means that parking will be a free for all. I can't decide whether I ought to wake up extra early to drive over to win my parking space or if I should walk over.
I was in Austin when it snowed back in 1995-1996. All we heard the entire day was sirens. The whole town essentially shut down. As I type this up, the local station is scrolling a list of schools that are shut down tomorrow. If I drive, I risk hitting an ice patch. I can deal with that on a flat surface. It's another thing entirely to do it on a hill. As we all know, Austin is all hills. I'm considering walking to work. That would eliminate the parking AND the driving problems. It would also help with the exercise problem.

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