Saturday, August 06, 2005

Wow, Dos Centavos

I was trolling around for information when I ran across a post by Dos Centavos, and I must say "wow". DC is to be commended for quoting these people. From previous posts and comments on this post, I get the impression that he is a Dem. It takes guts to post info about the loss of Hispanics and Mexican Americans from the Democratic party.

In my opinion, our people are becoming more educated than in the past. We can actually question the status quo, believe it or not. With the Dems, it's "what have you done for us lately"? Government programs only helped us survive. Except for student loans and financial aid, government programs haven't got anybody ahead. Our success is based on hard work and foresight. I think that those of us who are trying to make something of ourselves are seeing that and leaning towards Republicans to help us preserve what we have struggled to achieve.

Before you say, "oh, you just want to preserve your wealth now that you got it and forget the rest of your people". You know something, screw you. It's much more than that. We have struggled to overcome racism, poverty, poor education, and struggled to live a good Christian life. We have come far. We no longer feel inferior or allow others to treat us as second class citizens. We have plenty of opportunity to leave poverty when we choose to do so. We have access to education and those of us who value it make damn sure our kids get it too. And we definitely do not want to compromise our faith.

I have long known that our culture is conservative. For a while, it was a toss-up. Conservative Hispanics could have been Democrat or Republican. As long as there were conservative Dems, we Mexican Americans could have the goverment programs and preserve our conservative ways. More and more, the dems have been moving to the left, which has alienated those conservative Hispanics who would have happily voted dem without question. It doesn't help that networks like Univision totally support the Democrats. You never hear reports about how Dems want to take God out of government or want to legalize gay marriage. You DO hear reports on Spanish media about how Republicans want to cut social security, cut food stamps, cut school lunch programs, cut this or that. Obviously, those Hispanics who get the major part of their education from novelas eat that stuff up. The rest of us who can navigate the media in English are able to find the truth, should we choose to look for it.

Lately, dems stand for a handful of things: abortion, gay rights, the environment, and bigger government (as in more taxes). They say that they stand for other stuff, but they're politicians. Actions speak louder than words. Dems are more vociferous about those few issues than helping "the little guy". Dems only want to sound good, but never do anything that truly helps. They keep giving us the damn fish rather than teaching us to fish. Be true to yourself and your heritage if you are Hispanic. How Catholic are abortion and gay rights? If you busted your ass trying to live a comfortable life, how important is the environment? Is it important enough to sacrifice your principles on the first two issues? And who in their right mind would willingly want to PAY MORE TAXES?

If you watched the Fiddler on the Roof, Hispanics are in the same situation as Rev Tevya. He was willing to bend; but he could only bend so far without breaking. The Dems have asked us to bend too far! Something has to give. By going so far left, the Dems are not giving conservative Democrats much wiggle room. They are increasingly hard pressed to defend the party. Those who are trying their damnedest to stay loyal to the Democrat party will definitely break. They are compromising some very core Hispanic beliefs in order to remain Democrat. Yet they dare call those who succeed "sell outs". Riiight. Who's selling out their culture and giving up their faith?

In the end, Rev Tevya did not disown his daughter. He was willing to overlook something very painful for the sake of the rest of his family. If there is one thing that is at the center of Hispanic lives, it is family. We love our families. Our lives center around the family. I'm afraid that the Democratic party, by embracing leftist ideals, is alienating us by attacking faith, family institutions like marriage, and by fighting tooth and nail for abortion. We can deal with the environmentalism and other ideals. However, by Dems supporting causes that are anti-family, Hispanics have no choice than to seek fellow conseratives, the Republicans. Learning to fish isn't easy; but once we can do it on our own, we only need to pray that God makes more fish. Hispanics are now getting to the point where we can tell the Dems to keep their damn fish because we are independent. Our eyes are opening and we are seeing that the Democratic Party of today does NOT look like us!

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