Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Late night

It's late at night. I am listening to today's archived Dave Ramsey show. It replaces the Phil Hendrie Show on KURV. It's been on for about a week. I think I've seen his book at Barnes & Noble. I may buy one. After listening, and knowing that my financial position is undesireable, I am tempted to try some of his advice.

For now, I want to get myself back into UTPA to finish my degree in Finance (ironic, isn't it?). Then, I want to start making money to pay back my debts.

I had been in a funk the past couple days. I came to a realization after speaking to God for a while. I realized that people behave in the way that is natural to them. That is such a relief and disappointment at the same time. What I do is reflective of my nature, except that I can choose t change my nature. Anybody else can do the same. However, in general, most people don't pay attention to their natural behaviour and end up acting it out.

My despair was short-lived. This week is not as stressful as last week. I have been thinking about my need to go back to school in the Spring. I need money. I need to pay back my emergency loan from UTPA. I am willing to give up my two days off from work. I am even willing to put in time in the restaurants to make up some cash. I think that with Alma's raise and my extra effort, we can pay off the loan and maybe even save up some cash. Once I am in school, things kind of build upon themselves. After school, I will have a tough decision to make. How will I help Liz and Jason while I am working elsewhere? Will it be possible?

For now, I can work more hours or I can do some computer work on the side. I have Kathy Masso, who needs some computer work. Marina needs some computer work too. As far as doing more hours, I can let Liz give me more hours at work. If that's not possible, I can work at the Quick Woks doing stuff to earn more income. Good thing about the restaurants is that I can work for cash. This can be great with the time separation between my doing the rounds and the payroll schedule. I would end up with a paycheck every week. Since Confetti and the restaurants alternate weeks, I would have a paycheck each week. On top of that, I'd have the money from doing the rounds every 1st and 15th of the month.

Obviously, I'd be doing stuff to improve the businesses. I wouldn't just clock in and hang out to "kill time". Let's see how I can make this work.

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