Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Just Losing It!

I just read an article by a Liberal bastard. What a stupid *$*, !%#@*^%$#%! Who the hell ever said that Saddam Hussein ordered 9/11? NOBODY.

Here is the analogy. You live in a neighborhood. EVERYBODY in town knows that you provide shelter for thieves and killers. You don't tell them what to do. You simply help them with food, shelter, and help them out when they are sick. You don't tell them to steal, but they do. You don't tell them to kill, but they do. Does that mean we don't invade your house and bust your ass? NO! You're just as bad as they are for helping them.

The same goes for Saddam. He did not order 9/11. I agree he had nothing to do with the terrorist attacks. He did provide the terrorists safe haven. He provided them with money. He provided them with health care. So, when the cops (our armed forces) show up to break things up, the whole community (the friggin' planet) is safer.

My sister went to Iraq. She did not want to go. Since she did have to go, she has yet to speak badly of the President or her orders to go. She was with me on the truck when we were going to UT-Pan American as the terrorist attacks happened. She knows what is at stake. It's insulting when liberals claim that our soldiers are brainwashed. Or even worse, claiming that those people in the military have no other way of making it. My sister was already in college. She didn't need more opportunity than that. Her biggest complaint was not the daily mortars or other bombings. That was just routine. Her biggest complaint was the heat and the cold on winter nights.

Sorry, I just lose my patience with these people. Especially when they give the faux concern about our troops. Man, that just makes my blood boil. Fake sympathy is cruel. They don't care about our troops. The more dead troops the happier they feel because it furthers their cause to oppose the war. Normal people would want the mission accomplished with the least amount of casualties. To leftists, forget the mission. If we are committed, the more casualties the better so that we can forget the mission sooner. Thank God that Democrats are losing ground (Conservatives still believe in God and prayer, mind you).

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