Monday, August 22, 2005

It only gets worse

Liz and Jason decided to skip town and head for Dallas. This last minute escapade has left me holding a lot of loose strings. On top of that, I have my own crap to take care of. Yes, I just ended a sentence with a preposition. This morning, I registered Tien at school, took the boy to grandma's, hauled ass home to pick up some stuff, went to PostNet for my mail, went and dropped off a check for Joe to pay the shrimp guy, picked up the change bag at Jason's, went to pay the sales tax, picked up the plumbing snake, gave Adrian (my brother-in-law) a ride home from school, then went back to McAllen to find a payroll processing program, and then I had to go to work where I took some time to calculate the payroll hours. I made some time to call Mission and Edinburg to call McAllen early with their list. When I get to McAllen to pick up the supplies, the bastards didn't have anything ready. So, I got out of there late, which made me late to leave Mission and Edinburg during the rounds. I got back to McAllen without change for tomorrow, which means that I'm screwed out of sleep tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow, I'll drop off the girl at school and the boy at Grandma's. I need to finish payroll. I totally must go to the bank to get change because I didn't have any to leave in McAllen. I also have to deposit all the checks. I have to stop by Mission to get ice for McAllen, which I'll have to load by myself. Joe is off tomorrow. All this has to be done before 10 AM so that I can open McAllen on time and be at work on time. On top of that, Sysco and the other company won't leave any supplies without a check to pay them first. Jason only left me enough checks for payroll. On top of that, I doubt that there are enough funds to cover the order.

Wednesday is also going to be a pain in the butt. One of the guys from Mission has to go to a funeral on Wednesday and Thursday, which will leave them shorthanded or without workers at all. So, I may end up having to fill in before heading to work.

I'm beginning to suspect that I am being taken advantage of. I'm too tired to work around the whole preposition problem. I can never get anything done because both Liz and Jason never ante up the money for improvements. They'd rather "hack it" than fix the damn problem. I'm going to ask for a raise and an expense account. This way I can buy what is needed to do what needs doing without having to beg or ask for permission. The biggest problem right now is the problem of supplies. We can't afford to run out of crap as often as we do.

Another idea I have is to ask them both to let me have QM to run on my own. Let me worry about keeping it in good shape and then do the rounds in the evening for Edinburg and McAllen. I can then do odd jobs for the store as needed.

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