Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Almost over

The crappy work is almost over for the week. Liz and Jason will be back by Wednesday evening. Due to my schedule, I'm screwed all day Wednesday. I need to drop off the kids, get change and deposit, and work the lunch rush at QM. Afterwards, I need to go to work at 3 PM. I'm really getting tired of this shit. It's like they rub my face in it. Here I am, doing everything in my power to keep the operations going. When you total up all the time I put into my work, I get less than minimum wage. My truck is falling apart. I can't afford to get somebody to watch my kids. I can't afford to quit. I'm screwed all around. I have to keep working. I'm glad that they are able to enjoy life. It's my turn. I'm not an employee. I can make a better living elsewhere. I'm with them to help them out and I get a big "fuck you" in return. Every once in a while, I get special treatment. That doesn't pay the bills.

Definitely, I will go back to school and finish my degree. No business venture is going to distract me this time. My first distraction was Handtech. They went under. I tried to keep things going with no success. I tried eBay and fucking Juan Martinez decided to scam me. I had already built up over 100 in feeback. My account was shut down and I still owe money.

That brings me to a realization that ever since I signed on to Confetti, I've been screwed, fucked, cheated, taken for granted, and underappreciated. Now that I add it all up, it's not worth all the crap I've been through. Jason and Liz are nice people, but they have really used me. I'm out.

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