Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Still growing strong on Empire Avenue

Empire State Building from 5th AvenueImage via WikipediaI posted a little bit about my strategy on Empire Avenue a while ago. Basically, I'm taking all my income and investing it into high income-producing investments. I could invest in growth; but the only problem with that strategy is that it's hit or miss.

Some members of Empire Avenue are duds; others are slow growers, and others might grow quickly in their valuation.

Rather than spend countless hours researching and checking innumerable people in whom to invest, I spend about 5 minutes per day investing in blue chip stocks. They pay out regular dividends and retain their share price.  I save time and trouble.

More importantly, I don't even have to be a great participant in Empire Avenue to generate income. Even if nobody invests in me, I have about 16,000 17,000 eaves waiting for me every day. I plow that back into my investments and make a bunch more the next day.

A warning: this totally circumvents the entire purpose of Empire Avenue, which is to reward your social media activity and sociability within the network. I'm still #winning.
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