Monday, May 23, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Tab will go to Gingerbread

There is news that Android 2.3 is rolling out to the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Non-carrier tablets are receiving the updates first; with updates coming to the remainder as soon as mobile carriers are able to work out the details.

I have read conflicting reports on whether the update will be done over the air or require manual updating. Samsung has an app called Kies that requires a computer app called Mini Kies, which is not available for download to U.S. customers.

The update is anticipated as it includes a newer version of Google Talk that allows video and voice conferencing, a direct competitor to Apple's Facetime.

There are other improvements in performance that make the update much anticipated as well. It is still not clear whether the subsequent update, Honeycomb, will make it to the Galaxy Tab. Some people speculate that the tablet does not have the horsepower to adequately run Honeycomb.

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