Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Android Appeals to the Masses


We have seen the battle between Apple and PCs play out. Although Apple produces a superior product that makes the technophile salivate, in the end, customers want choice and lower prices. We are seeing the same game play out between Apple's IOS and Android.

Apple has the iPhone and the iPad. They are sexy, dependable, and pricey. Google has an operating system. Manufacturers are free to run with it, resulting in a massive explosion in users for Google.

Recently, Google announced that they activate 400,000 Android devices each day. They recently became the top mobile OS.

What sets them apart is that Android is available on cheap and even free handsets. Good luck getting a free iPhone. The battle is going towards class warfare. Those who can afford IOS and the two most expensive mobile networks vs everybody else. For the record, there are way more poor people than people who can afford Apple products. That is what set PCs apart from Apple computers; it is what will make Android come out ahead.

Something else that nobody is realizing is that a result of this great adoption of Android by the economically challenged is that they are unwittingly becoming immersed in Google products like Google Maps, Buzz, Places, Latitude, Gmail, Contacts, Calendar, and Talk. Android has made these so seamless that it is difficult to know when you are switching from one to the other.

Ultimately, Google is building a base of content by the masses who don't keep up with the latest social media trends. Unfortunately, those involved in social media are too involved in their little circles that they don't realize that another universe is evolving without them. 90% of success is just showing up; Google is there already. Are you?

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