Friday, July 08, 2005

We have ants

Our apartment at Pueblo de Paz has ants. We complained last year and nothing happened. The manager told us that we needed to keep the kitchen clean. Nevermind that we were not home often enough to cook. Winter came and the ants went dormant.

This summer they are back. We had the small brown ants last year. Now we have the black ants that sting pretty bad. They are crawling out of a light switch by the kitchen sink. Alma had enough of it and asked me to get some bait. We've used Amdro in the past to get rid of ant mounds. So, I've put some Amdro on the counter near the light switch. The ants are all over it, they came out in droves. Little do they know that they will all be dead in a few days. I feel so evil. :D

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