Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Using a Google Profile as a Home Page and Blog

Google Profile Business CardImage by davidciani via FlickrJannik Lindquist recently Buzzed about how he is using a Google Profile as a homepage for a neighborhood association. This is an easy and simple way to throw up a web presence in minutes.

It is a simple process.

  • You buy a domain
  • You forward the domain to your Google Profile
By filling out your profile with all the relevant information about your organization, business, or whatever, you achieve the same results as a basic website. While you could use Wordpress, Blogger, or any number of blogging platforms for publishing updates to your audience, it would serve the same purpose if you simply use Google Buzz. 

  • Free hosting for a simple information page. 
  • Google Buzz
    • Public posts
    • Private group posts
    • Easy commenting
    • Social component
  • Integrated photos, calendar, email, documents, video, and other Google products. 
I thought it was a good idea. I decided to buy shainemata.me and implement the idea with my own profile. 

This idea is good for personal profiles and small organizations. 

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