Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sorting my Google+ Circles

You don't friend people on Google+, you add them to a circle. If you want to follow somebody, you can; they don't have to follow you back.

Your posts either go to one or several of your circles, or they are public. This is very convenient. One example is a politics circle. There are a group of people with whom I would discuss politics because it is our business. I don't exactly want to post political stuff to everybody because I don't have time to argue every single post, especially when it's not even something I wrote.

There are other aspects of day to day life that I don't necessarily want blasted to everybody. Not that it's sensitive information; rather, some information is not actionable or interesting to certain circles.

Going back to yesterday's post, the ability to choose who sees what content is a feature of Orkut, Wave, Buzz, and now Google+; except G+ makes the choice mandatory to get started. More importantly, G+ makes the sorting process very easy.

Another thing I REALLY, REALLY like is that I can filter my information stream by Circle.That alone will save me countless hours of distractions. Can't wait to try the Hangout feature at work. I probably will use it with other groups first, who am I kidding?

I'll be sending out invites to people as soon as the invitation function is re-enabled. I'm starting with people with whom communication is necessary, and then working out to other acquaintances.

If you haven't already added me to a  Circle, pay me a visit:
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