Wednesday, June 01, 2011

One brave soul deleted his blogs

Steve Rubel wrote about how he completely removed his old blogs and switched to Tumblr. I have had a similar desire to do that if I could find a way to import my old Wordpress posts to Blogger. I haven't worked up the courage to just completely delete the other blogs and move here, to Blogger.

Having an Android phone, my online experience is heavily tilted towards Google. My photos are hosted on Picasa, it's a cinch to post Youtube videos to the blog, Google Buzz serves as my social stream, and there are a bunch of other benefits.

However, going by Steve's blog post, the only thing missing is the interaction. Tumblr tends to be a bit more interactive. But, most of the interaction I get is not on my blogs; it is on Twitter, Facebook, and even Google Buzz. In that sense, it doesn't really matter all that much where I host my blog.

No doubt Google +1 promises to make a big difference in how people find information; but, it probably won't make a big difference when it comes to fragmenting search results. The nature of search is supposed to yield fragmented results; you are searching by topic, not person or website.

In any case, I suspect Google probably won't have a +1 plugin or option for Blogger for a while.

Yes, you kind of had to read Steve's post to make sense of mine.

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