Saturday, June 04, 2011

Parallel Kingdom is a quick escape

Since I got my first Android phone, I've been playing Parallel Kingdom. It's somewhat of a MMORPG with territories superimposed on Google Maps.

On this game you can plant flags to claim territory, hunt, battle creatures, earn gold, craft potions, trade goods, build cities and kingdoms, visit distant lands, and many more things. All from the palm of your hand.

The game was tough at first. As a noob, killing creatures is as dangerous for you as it is for the creatures. Many of them are stronger than you. Chopping trees for wood also has the peril of invoking the wrath of trolls.

As you progress in skill, it becomes easier to hunt and gather wood, necessary supplies for building many things.

A big part of the fun of Parallel Kingdom is playing it with others. You can hunt as a team, run cities and kingdoms together, and even do battle. Since there are other players, there is a good chance you'll not get along with some, which would be a constant thorn in your side.

Overall, Parallel Kingdom offers a little escape from the drama of your real life to the drama of a make believe world. It's fun.

Parallel Kingdom is available for iPhone and Android.

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