Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Rep is Funny

We were going over the numbers from the election results in the office today. Obviously, Mr. Peña won his race as he was unopposed, like other reps in the area. We were curious what percentage of undervote he received. An undervote is somebody who voted in your district, but did not cast a vote in your race. In the case where there is only one candidate, the voter can either vote for you or not vote for you. So, we ran the numbers for all the reps (all unopposed, mind you) and the results are:
Aaron Peña 24%
Mando Martinez 29.7%
Kino Flores 31%
Veronica Gonzalez 36.5%
So, our boss got the lowest percentage undervote of all the Reps. This means that he's got the most secure office in the area. What's funny is that he was concerned that 24% did not vote for him. We expect that there are some Republicans in addition to some people who supported his previous opponents who simply won't vote for him, even if he were made a Saint by the Pope himself. We also explained that he had he lowest undervote of all the unopposed candidates. Once in perspective, he relaxed about that. Still, it's like getting a 99% on an exam and being upset for not studying hard enough. A que Mr Peña..

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