Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Doing Research, Got my Logins, Almost In

I've been doing a little bit of research in preparation for the 80th Texas Legislative Session.Specifically, not too specifically, about some of the items Mr. Peña will be filing bills about soon. Research is pretty dry, but it's no different from researching information for writing. I understand that things get more exciting once the session starts. It's all preparation for the work ahead.

The good news is that our Chief of Staff was able to get my login information for the legislature's network. Now, I can communicate and keep myself organized with the state's Outlook system. In addition, there is a handy program that works like flashcards with pictures and names of all the Reps so that I can recognize them once in Austin. I'll explore the system a bit more tomorrow.

The only thing left to complete the whole picture, as far as being a state employee, is to get business cards. The ones I've seen look nice. I am hard pressed to think of who would want one or care to contact me. I suppose things will become apparent once the session starts. I'm sure networking at the capitol will demand I hand out a few cards. I think I'll be conservative in my use of them.

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