Saturday, November 18, 2006

Reading up on voting issues

I received a link to an article that points out a security issue with computers in general. It applies to the request for open source programming of electronic voting machines in the sense that the vulnerability would make even the most secure voting program open to tampering. I go over it with a bit more detail on the wiki site.

What I'm getting out of my research is that the more technical you get about elections, the bigger the can of worms gets. This, of course, gives ample testimony as to why we need a voter verifiable voting system versus an all-electronic system. As I look into other aspects of the issue, I'll go over the subject in a more comprehensive manner.

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Rico Politico said...

Shaine, I suggested to your boss to view the HBO Documentary "Hacking Democracy" as a tool to let the people know just how easy it is to hack the system. Look what happened in Hidalgo county on election night? A premeditated fluke?