Monday, November 20, 2006

Benefits are in

Sometime during the week I received a notice that the state tested the direct deposit system on my account. Last night, I received an email that I can check my benefits online at the ERS website. It's a bit scary to be on a monthly salary for the first time. You hope that all the paperwork is done correctly because any errors could mean a delay of another month. Both of those notices tell me that things are working properly. It relieves some anxiety about being broke for Christmas.


David A. Diaz said...

Hello, Shaine,

Good for you that you are getting your paperwork straight at House Payroll so you can get some cash in time for Christmas.

I had to struggle with a monthly paycheck when I first worked in the Legislature way back in the day, and it is indeed a big adjustment to get a check every month! Here's my recommendation to you to make your paycheck stretch, especially in expensive Austin, during the legislative session.

1. You are going to have a ton of rich lobbyists, and most of them not representing your constituents, walking into your Capitol office. Ask them to keep the refrigerator that comes with each legislator's office full of sodas and snacks. You are going to be working late hours, especially if Aaron remains on House Appropriations Committee, so you will have to be hanging around the Capitol office, which will be open 18 hours a day, The lobbyists will be glad to help out, and of course, if they spend more than $50 a month, they will have to report it on their financial statements.

2. Take constituents who are visiting Aaron in Austin to any of the slew of parties that will highlight the legislative session for the first two months, That way, you get free food and entertainment to stretch your lunch money, and you get to treat your constituents on the tab of the lobby.

3. Finally, every rich lobbyist that wants to meet with Aaron for lunch and/or dinner must take the entire staff as well. This means they will get to the point quick during those meals, and Aaron can get to his work at the Capitol that much sooner.

I remember clearly a sign posted on the door of a friend of mine who was the chief of staff for the former Speaker Pro Tempore. It said, "Do you want to meet with the Boss, or with the one who really runs the show around here?"

That's you, buddy, and your other staff members.

Hope Christmas if bountiful for you and your family.


David A. Diaz

Shaine Mata said...

Thanks David. I think I'll be fine. I tend to be very frugal on living expenses. I often buy in bulk, take my own lunch to work, and shop around for good values. Right now, I'm trying to find a place in Austin for less than $379/mo. I know that's a bargain already, but I might be able to do better.