Friday, April 01, 2011

We all have different social media communities

My family is a great example of what I teach business owners regarding social media, everybody hangs out at different places. While Facebook is very popular, it's not necessarily the place where people want to hang out all day.

My daughter, for example, says Facebook is stupid; there are smarter, more interesting people on Tumblr. She has a FB account because her family and friends use it; but, she mainly uses text messaging and Tumblr.

My wife likes to hang out at Cafe Mom. She likes the games and apparently enjoys hanging out with other moms.

Like my daughter, I check my Facebook account, and pages (yes, plural). But, for the most part, I watch my Google Buzz stream and Twitter streams. If you want to reach me, those are the places to do it.

There are people who hang out on Youtube.

There are people who really like photography; they hang out at Flickr.

My point is, as a marketer, you should know where your customers hang out. For this, you need to profile your ideal customer and then find out where that demographic lives online. Even if everybody in the world ends up with a Facebook account, it doesn't mean they are on it all day. Just because I have a mailing address doesn't mean I'm there all day.
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