Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Publishing My Diet and Exercise Logs

I am publishing my diet and exercise logs on my blogs. You can view them at http://shainemata.blogspot.com/p/logs.html

Why do it? It is partially to show others how easy it is to do what I do. Mainly, however, it is to keep me accountable. It's win-win.

My calorie counts are approximate based on what I can gather from food labels or from Wolfram Alpha.

I experimented with Smartsheet and Google Spreadsheet. Smartsheet is very easy to use on a mobile phone. However, I am going with Google Spreadsheet because I need to be able to create multiple sheets in the embed so I can archive stuff monthly. Long lists are troublesome on a mobile phone; Smartsheet put the "Add Row" button at the bottom, which results in lots of scrolling.

All this done from my Android phone.
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