Saturday, April 30, 2011

Maxed out my share buying upgrades on Empire Avenue

I've been semi-playing Empire Avenue. I say semi-playing because it's supposed to be a social media game; but, I've only been doing the value investing. Rather than creating "wealth" by hyping up my stock, I've been value investing in stocks that provide good income. As a result, I have a rather affordable share price; but, my portfolio value has been increasing steadily.

Today, I maxed out the number of shares I can own by purchasing an upgrade that raises the limit to 400 shares per stock. This was my intent from the start. As I go down the line of income-producing stocks, I can start diversifying a bit more. The top dividend providers are consistent earners; but, they offer little in terms of growth.

Once I max out 400 shares in the top earners, I can start investing in up and coming stocks that also provide decent dividends. Fun game.
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