Tuesday, March 29, 2011

South Texas Democrats Placating Their Machines

The Texas Legislature recently passed SB 14, which has been dubbed the Voter ID bill. Unlike Congress, the Texas Legislature doesn't name bills, they simply go buy number. In any case, the Democratic Party is pulling out all the stops to try to frame the bill as racist, extreme, and costly. Most significantly are South Texas Democrats of the Rio Grande Valley who benefit from voter fraud to turn out the vote.

I'm not saying that South Texas Democrats intentionally go out and seek to perpetrate fraud; I do mean that the South Texas political machines hold them captives. For this reason, they must come out and wholeheartedly oppose any legislation that seeks to limit election fraud. Those who profit from fraud wholly expect them to do so, or else.

It's amusing that one of the arguments made is that Republicans, who have been pushing for some form of voter ID for years, have not presented a single case of voter impersonation in passing their bill. Who in their right mind would admit that they organized in or participated in voter fraud? It's a gravy train for both the organizer and the hired voter. Testifying that you are involved in voter fraud would result in making you instantly unhireable by the many campaigns that are forced to use politiqueras to turn out the vote.

Just like there are several of our South Texas elected officials who are conservative at heart, but run as Democrats because that's how the game is played; most of them are privately opposed to fraud. But, they are afraid to come out and rail against voter fraud because it's how the game is played. Saying you are against it is saying you aren't playing the game, giving your opponent all the advantage to leverage the cheaters against you.

You'll see the press releases come out stating how the Voter ID bill disenfranchises the elderly and the ignorant. It's all rote form to placate the political machines that got them elected. Secretly, they are happy Voter ID passed because it takes a monkey off their backs. Our part of the state is usually one of the last to catch up on trends; in this case, honest elections are a trend that have been actively kept away from the region.

So what can the Democrats do to help the "disenfranchised"? I would suggest finding them and paying for their voter IDs. If the party does not organize fund raisers to help voters acquire voter identification before the next elections, you'll know it was all straw man arguments. Wait and see.

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