Thursday, March 31, 2011

Getting acquainted with the Google +1 Button

I've been checking out Google's +1 button today, as time permits. I can definitely see the potential for it. Compared to the FB "Like" button, which goes into a closed network that only benefits members, +1 has the potential to benefit your social circle and the public at large.

For now, the feature is experimental, so only a small number of users are able to view and use it. For the moment, you can like all day and not get a recommendation from any of your friends. As with any new service that relies on others to adopt, it's no fun until everybody is on it.

I hate using buzzwords, yet +1 is a dynamic way of curating content. Once more people get on it, the results will have much better context, relying less on SEO than peer recommendations.

I can't help but wonder what benefit there would be in becoming a "super seeker"? Until people add +1 buttons to their websites, searches are all there is to the service.

I'll give it a fair shake. I like the concept.

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