Monday, March 07, 2011

The mess that is content distribution

One of the problems that I have, which I realize only a small percentage of people have, is getting content out reliably and consistently.

Each platform has its advantages and disadvantages. Twitter is simple, easy, and viewable by the world.
Facebook has a bigger "potential" audience, not all 500 million users follow me. Small detail.

My blog is running Wordpress. It's OK; but, I'm becoming more and more mobile, which can be a hindrance.

I would like to rely on Posterous to fill the mobile gap; BUT, how the hech are they making money. I got burned by Utterli going under and taking my content with them. I'd rather trust a company that I know is making money.

Going back to Twitter, though they're not making money, tweets are ethereal anyway.
Video is another problem. Youtube has the big audience; but I can't livestream. There is also the issue of posting videos less than 10 minutes. Yes, they've raised the time limit; but other services have not updated their scripts to match.

When it comes to audio, I like Blogtalkradio; but, there is the scheduling issue. Cinchcast is good to avoid scheduling problems; but, you can't upload audio or take callers.

In short, there are a lot of different mediums I enjoy using. The problem is that I have to jump from service to service to accomplish the things that I want to accomplish at that time.

Then this leads to another problem; if I have the time to sit at a computer to put together all the bits and pieces of content into one single outlet, then I would not have bothered using any of the other services. I could have just produced things a bit better and uploaded them to my blog.

Consequently, my stuff is scattered everywhere. Theoretically, they reach out to different audiences; but, they're all me. I try to automate and link as many accounts as I can to make distribution easier; but, it can quickly become a mess.

I'm almost tempted to move out of Wordpress; but, there are all those old links. Maybe I ought to just rip off the bandage.

In the end, my presence on the web is a mess.

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