Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Self-inflicted Stuff

Here I am on the Greyhound bus headed to Austin. I dozed for a couple minutes; but after a pit stop in Falfurrias, Texas, I'm awake again.
I was sleepy before departing McAllen. Not sure what's keeping me up.
Since I'm awake anyway, I'm thinking about what I'm doing. I'm an easy going guy. Ask anybody, they'll tell you I rarely get my feathers ruffled.
Years ago, somebody told me I'm a type A personality. I thought, "bullshit". I'm not very competitive, don't have a natural sense of urgency, and don't feel compelled to boss people around.
Looking back at the time since then, I look at where I am now and what I have taken on. Wow, maybe I am type A-ish.
I think my skepticism came from the fact that I enjoy what I do. It's strange that I'm awake, anticipating the coming days. I have projects awaiting.
It's self inflicted, mind you. I could just get a job and blend in; but, I can't seem to do it. Oh, well. Let's see where this road goes.
In the meantime, I need to wait for sleep to sneak up on me so I don't drag all weekend. More self-infliction. Ha!

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