Saturday, April 21, 2012

Energizer 15 Minute NiMH Battery Recharger Worth Every Penny

The Energizer Recharge Rapid Charger is a bit more expensive than the other rechargeable battery chargers; but, it is worth every penny. Most of the lower cost chargers you can buy with rechargeable batteries take 8 hours to charge your batteries.

Let's face it, when you use rechargeable batteries, it can sometimes be tricky to know which ones you've used, and which ones are charged. Having to wait 8 hours to ensure a full charge makes NiMH rechargeables inconvenient. If, on the other hand, it only takes 15 to 30 minutes to charge, you don't even need spares at the ready. Most activities can wait a few minutes while you recharge.

 I got my Energizer Recharge Rapid Charger at Wal-Mart for about $30. I've been using it for a Kodak camera that uses four AA batteries. In a good day, it will eat up a set of regular batteries. On average photo days, disposable batteries will last two or three days.

It was obvious that having to buy batteries for the camera, besides being costly over the long-run, could be inconvenient. Imagine being in the middle of something, and having to stop to make a trip to the store because you've run out of batteries.

While the cost savings alone makes rechargeable batteries worthwhile, having a rapid charger allows you to overcome those times when you forgot to recharge the spares. The recovery time gives you flexibility.

Unfortunately, the charger only works for AA and AAA batteries; but, in most households, this is sufficient to power cameras, remote controls, and other electronic devices. It seems that the electronics industry is less keen on C, D, and 9V batteries these days.

When you purchase your Energizer rapid charger, it comes with a regular household electric plug for charging at home or work, and with a lighter plug for charging in your vehicle. This added flexibility is yet another benefit that makes rechargeable batteries a more resilient resource than disposables.

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