Friday, March 02, 2007

Texas Independence Day

Texas Independence Day
Texas Independence Day,
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Today was a rather slow day, probably the last of its kind this session. Today is Texas's Independence Day. Some offices had skeleton crews, others were fully staffed, and some were completely empty. Every Rep. Has discretion over their own sweat shop (that's a joke only about 5 people really understand).

Down at the Committee Offices, clerks do have to show up. It isn't mandatory, but taking time off only makes the work pile up. Clerks have to process incoming hearing requests, which includes entering stuff into a database, writing bill analyses (despite getting one from the author's office), and a bunch of filing. Prepping for the hearing involves assembling hearing packets for the committee members. Usually the pieces to the packets slowly creep into the office up until the day of the hearing. We send out the packets as soon as the more important pieces are available. Some pieces may not arrive until the day of the hearing. It helps to drop by on the weekend to check for new items. Even with holidays, committee staff have firm deadlines.

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