Saturday, March 03, 2007

My first landing

My first landing
My first landing,
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Today, I went on a bike ride from my place to Zilker Park. I wanted, originally, to look around and find the Green Belt. I read that this was a good trail for mountain biking. When I found the entrance to the trail, I couldn't help going in to check it out. It was a pretty good trail. There was a combination of both rocky and dirt trails. You can see many rocks with marks from bike pedals and other scraping parts.

Two miles into the trail, I decided to turn back. There was a small drop that passed between a manhole and a large rock that I attempted to ride through. I hit a rock that turned my handlebar and lodged the wheel with another rock. The end result was that I flew off my bike and landed a few feet ahead of my bike. Unfortunately, the landing was amongst the rocks. I scraped my knee and bruised my left hip really well.

I was stunned for a moment when I realized I was no longer riding a bike and in pain. I did not move for a few moments while I figured out if anything was broken. After determining that there were no fractures, I hobbled my way to the manhole until the pain could subside.

The ride back was tough. In addition to the discomfort from the fall, I ran out of energy around downtown. I didn't think I'd ride so much, so did not take any sugar or other energy food. I granny geared it most of the way back, except for the downhills.

I'm still exhausted and sore all over. I'm going to load up on protein to assist in recovery.

When I ride, the first half-hour is hell. My legs don't want to go. After that, I seem to be able to go with little problems. That is, until I run out of energy. I did OK, only 18 miles after months of not riding. Subsequent trips will be better. For now, recovery is the goal.

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