Thursday, February 08, 2007

Edinburg Day

We started off Edinburg Day by meeting in the Rotunda. The plan was originally to meet on the South steps of the Capitol, but it was raining in the morning. Some of the Edinburg delegation took a tour of the Capitol while others went to see a Senate Finance hearing. Later, everybody gathered up in the gallery of the House Chamber to see the Edinburg Day resolution get adopted. Before adopting that Resolution, however, Rep. Peña adopted a resolution for Elias Longoria, Sr, a well-respected member of the Edinburg community. Some of Mr. Longoria's family was present to witness the resolution being adopted. Afterwards, Rep. Peña and Rep. Gonzalez adopted the Edinburg Day resolution.

Edinburg Leaders in the House Gallery

The Longoria Family at the Capitol
I stole a quick pic while the Senator and Reps were posing with people from Edinburg. They were posing for the Senate photog, not me. This is why they are not looking at my camera.

Setting up for Edinburg Day Photo
From the Senate Chamber, we went out for a group photo of the entire Edinburg delegation. It took some time to get everybody together for the group shot.

Afterwards, we went to the Rotunda, which was closed temporarily. Earlier in the morning, glass fell from up in the rotunda somewhere, narrowly missing a visitor. All visitors were sent to the hall on the South side. We listened to the Edinburg Mariachi for a while to kill time before the luncheon at the InterContinental Stephen F. Austin. While we were there, we took some more pics and some people were interviewed for the press back home.

Steve Taylor Interviews Mayor Joe Ochoa

Rep. Peña and Elizabeth Pierson

John de la Viña and Rep Peña

This is Maritza. She is one of the House Sergeants. We see her frequently because she is also from the Rio Grande Valley. She's a nice girl.

Mariachi Playing at Edinburg Day Luncheon
Once we made it to the luncheon, we were further entertained by the Mariachi. They had a great performance. I love seeing a part of our culture continuing through young performers. In a way, it gives one hope that our way of life will continue.

Overall, it was a good day.

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