Saturday, February 10, 2007

Easy Saturday

I did nothing today. Just stayed at the apartment and watched TV. I woke up at 4 this morning and could not go back to sleep. By the early evening, I've been dragging a bit. I'm turning in early.

I was going to see our Chief of Staff, James, at a gig he and the band he plays with had tonight, but I'm just not motivated to do anything.

Early this morning, I spoke with Mrs. Mata. She would like it if I go home this coming weekend. She says the kids are a bit affected by my absence as well. They would also like it if I were to go home for a weekend. It's a bad business decision to mess with the budget like that; however, I care for these people and would like to provide them the comfort of having me home for a weekend.

If anybody is headed to the Rio Grande Valley this weekend, I would appreciate sharing a ride there and back. Alternativly, if anybody knows where I can change a wheel bearing cheaply in Austin, that would also help. I don't feel comfortable taking a long drive with a bad bearing. Although, I could buy all the necessaries to do the repair myself before heading out or on the road. I'll think of my options after getting some sleep. I'll blog to you guys tomorrow when I can think clearly.

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