Sunday, June 26, 2005

Light Installation

I have been installing track lighting throughout Confetti to help brighten up the place. I got a great deal on the track lights at Lowe's. They have 2 foot sections for $19.97 in my area. Today, I am installing 14 sets, I had installed 8 sets last week. We have decided to use energy efficient 26 Watt bulbs from Sam's Club that emit the light of 100 Watt bulbs. They stick out a bit from the fixture, which is alright because the lights don't focus very well. I have to give credit to Home Depot for their equipment rental service. I have rented ladders from them three times. Once a 20ft ladder to remove a banner outside the store; once a 12 foot step ladder to install the first lights; and this time I chose a 10 foot ladder since the 12 foot was too big.

So far the installation is going well. I am doing the work in batches to make things faster. I'll be here for a few more hours.

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