Thursday, June 30, 2005

Computer Job

I am working on a computer job right now. Geez, I hate these spyware and virus cleanups. They are such a pain because they take so long. Especially on computers that have all kinds of stuff installed like games, productivity packs, and so on. So far, over 1 million files scanned and 14 viruses found. I may end up having to reinstall windows, which means I will lose another couple hours out of my life waiting for that.

I have stated over and over again, do NOT use Limewire. They are the devil. Sure you get free downloads. They just happen to include spyware and viruses. The best way to prevent problems is to not download the crap in the first place.

They have another computer that does not access the web. It can see another computer on the same network segment. The other computer can access the web. The one in question cannot find the web. Haven't a clue what's wrong with it.

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