Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Fiction Blog Thoughts

I have been thinking about perhaps starting a fiction blog. Somewhere that I can use to write short stories. My recent realization about the value of blogging combined with my personal interest in expressing myself in some artistic form have given me the idea to write.

I never was much of a writer in my youth. Some people spend their free time actively pursuing writing as a form of expression early in their lives. My writing has always been practical in some ways. After graduating from high school, I began keeping a journal of my activites. At first, this was a daily activity. In more recent years, my dedication has waned. This is mostly due to the lack of time to devote to writing all the details of the day. On top of that, there is the challenge of writing for at least 3 websites, in addition to starting a fourth. Now I am taking on 2 blogs. It occurred to me that I am becoming a writer of sorts. Wow, who knew I had it in me.

So, I figure, while I am at it, I could indulge myself by writing short fiction or I could make one blog into a long story written in installments. I will practice on this blog at first to see what I can do before committing to a new blog.