Saturday, March 15, 2014

Resurrecting My Windows XP Box

I find myself bringing an old computer that we have had since around 2006 back to life. I've had other drive crashes before, and managed to get most of my data back. This time, after the drive died, I decided to forsake Windows and live with a Chromebook and Android tablet.

I can get along OK, for the most part, without it. But, there are a few instances where I have no choice but to either have a PC or a Mac in operation. For example, if I want to edit RAW files from my camera, the software is written for PC/Mac. On the occasion that I go around fixing computers for money, sometimes I need another Windows computer to work some magic on client drives. Or to test hardware on a machine known to operate.

I can't use my wife's and daughter's computers without risking their computers getting infected or messed up with cruft in the long term. As much as I would like to declare myself free from the traditional desktop, I cannot.

Why not buy a new one? Stop it, you're killing me.

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