Monday, November 26, 2012

More Black and White from Mission, Texas

There are a lot of places around town that are great photo subjects for black and white. I especially love the older buildings and neglected areas.

I think capturing them in black and white evokes some sort of nostalgic feel, even though these places are "contemporary".

The old County Commissioner's office in Mission, Texas. The office moved to a newer building out of town some years back. The old building remains vacant. 

An old Head Start central kitchen. The county Head Start schools do not have kitchens, they have their food delivered. Hidalgo County Head Start has since then centralized their kitchen. 

Bench outside the old County Commissioner's building. It offers seating to visitors who no longer come. 

Railroad switch. 

Painted-on handicap parking sign on the wall. 

Stone angel in a church garden. 

Old gas pump near the ruins of a burned down building. 

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