Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Chromebook, Chromebox, and a ...Chromedesk?

I discovered some cool things that may possibly be in the works for the Chromebook over at the Samsung website.

Tonight I was going through the Chromebook Central forums to see if anybody has the same Bluetooth problem I have on the Samsung Chromebook. I didn't see any references; but, I did learn that the power adapter is a pain in the butt to find, should you ever lose it.

Samsung has a habit of using non-standard connectors for their devices, especially when first released.

So, I went over to the Samsung USA website to see if you can just order the power adapter directly. Theoretically, you can; but, it's not available. Same thing in the Google Play store, listed but unavailable.

In any case, while browsing through the product page for the Chromebook, I saw a third Chrome device we haven't seen on the market. It looks like an all-in-one desktop Chrome device with its own LCD screen.

In the image above, it's the device in the middle. It looks like a sweet desktop computer, running Chrome of course.

It makes me think that maybe it's in the works.

Another interesting thing I discovered was that in the accessories page for the Chromebook, they have among them, a USB data transfer cable, external keyboards and mice, and more importantly, an external optical disk drive.

Pretty exciting stuff if these turn out to be in the works. They would definitely make the Chromebook much more desirable and popular than it is now.


Nevermind the desktop. They merely connected a cool monitor to the Chromebox as seen in the picture below. I was wrong. However, the accessories mentioned only appear in the new Chromebook accessories page. So, that's still cool.

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