Sunday, August 28, 2011

Moving from Self-hosted Wordpress to Blogger

I successfully moved from my old self-hosted Wordpress site to Blogger. I found Wordpress2Blogger earlier today, which converts from one format to the other.

The Export/Import of the posts was easy. The only other work to be completed was to point the domain from my hosted site over to Google via the Godaddy.

I am certain there are broken links and missing files somewhere. I don't think I'll go hunting for them; I'll probably fix them as I find them. Eventually, if I get rich, I'll hire somebody to check all my posts. I imported more than 1,000 posts; I'm sure you can understand my hesitation.

I still recommend Wordpress for small businesses and other applications; but, for my own personal blog, it was too much. Additionally, there are features in Blogger that make it a better platform for my uses, that other people would not use.

The features I like about Blogger, for my own purposes, are that updates are automatic, the ability to add location to posts, connection to Picasa web albums (and Google+ by extension), easy Android updating, unlimited bandwidth, free hosting, and really good SEO. There are also some who use it as a Tumblr site of sorts. In fact, that reminds me, Blogger has much nicer mobile templates than I have found for Wordpress.

I'm not going to tell you that you should use Blogger for your site. It may be right for you, maybe not. It is for me.

I realize that this breaks a lot of links to old content. I was going to have to do it eventually. At least now, if I die, I won't have to worry that my hosting account will be shut down for non-payment and all my content lost. I'll live so long as Google lives.

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